In local author Judy Risner's educational and inspirational guide to achieving success, “Lemonade to Gold: Turning Your Dreams into Reality,” readers will find that they really can accomplish anything they want as long as they follow their passion, are willing to work hard, and pray for guidance.

Risner illustrates how, by following three main concepts: goal setting, problem solving, and decision making, she was able to start her own consulting business and help others discover their own path. While individuals are not always in control of the things that happen in their lives, she believes they can be in control of how they respond to any challenges they may face.

Carole L. Lape BA, CEC, Principal and Executive Business Coach, Harrison James Group, said, “As an entrepreneur and executive coach, I have endorsed this methodology for years with great results. Judy's book offers a simple format for anyone to work with, and it's filled with pearls of wisdom and sage advice for positive personal growth.”

Risner lives with her husband of over 30 years in Davis, Oklahoma. To find out more, visit,, or