Joe David McReynolds has announced his candidacy for Carter County Commissioner District 1. Born and raised in Carter County, McReynolds graduated from Dickson Public Schools in 1985 and is no stranger to the job of county commissioner. Joe David's dad, Joe Dean McReynolds served as Carter County Commissioner District 1 for nearly 13 years before his death on Nov. 14, 2003.

"I come from a heritage of entrepreneurial spirit fostered by my dad and my mom, Helen McReynolds," Joe David said. "I worked side by side with my dad in his sand and gravel business. He taught me how to properly manage money in a family business, and I observed first-hand an exemplary work ethic. I learned early-on that hard work and dedication are imperative in any economy, and success comes from treating your customers and constituents honestly, fairly and listening to their needs and concerns. I would deeply appreciate the opportunity to carry on his legacy as Commissioner of District 1."

McReynolds and his wife of 24 years, Tammy Frensley McReynolds has three sons — Joel and wife Chelsea, Cameron and Brady. They are grandparents to Joen and Chloe. An active family man, McReynolds has been a little league football and basketball coach. He and his family are active members of Mary Niblack Baptist Church where he serves as trustee, deacon and transportation committee member.

McReynolds owns and operates a cattle ranch east of Ardmore as well as his own successful sand and gravel business, McReynolds Sand and Gravel.

"I will work in the same manner to save money, increase efficiency and make Carter County a better place to live," McReynolds said. "

McReynolds also worked at Michelin Tire Company for 25 years, serving as a sidewall line operator, acting supervisor and member of the plant safety team.

"One of my priorities as commissioner would be to use the knowledge I have gained in my leadership classes at Michelin and my safety experience on the plant safety team to make a safer living environment for my constituents and a safer workplace for county employees."

McReynolds has a clear and concise vision for the county commissioner office.

• I will work in conjunction with the other two commissioners to be a good steward of the taxpayer's money.

• I look forward to a congenial working relationship with elected officials.

• I will search for creative ways to acquire additional resources.

• I will emphasize safety.

• I will work closely with the Carter County Sheriff's Department and fire department's budget needs and schools in the realm of the commissioner's job responsibilities.

• Since some of our roads are getting in bad shape because of drought and the oil field work in our area, I will seek to partner with the oil companies, the Chickasaw Nation and other parties to develop strategies to restore our roads and bridges in pristine condition.

"More than anything, I want the people to know that I would have an open door policy to listen to their concerns and be available to address their needs," McReynolds said. "I strongly believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right, so I will be honest and fair, and pledge to uphold the office of county commissioner with integrity and serve the patrons to the very best of my ability. District 1 is very dear to my heart since it is the source of my roots and where I chose to raise my own family. I want it to be the ideal place for everyone to raise their families. I would greatly appreciate your support and your vote on election day."