In a year where almost 2,500 bills were introduced in the Oklahoma Legislature, one bill, Senate Bill 310, aims to shrink the Oklahoma statute books. The Senate Rules Committee has passed SB 310 by a 15-4 vote, taking the first step toward creating a “Spring Cleaning Commission” for the state of Oklahoma.

The Spring Cleaning Commission, as currently designed, would be composed of eight former legislators appointed by the Senate President Pro Tempore and the Speaker of the House. Under SB 310, the commission’s job would be to recommend to the Legislature changes to Oklahoma’s statutes using the following criteria:

• Identify outdated, redundant, unnecessary or obsolete state laws

• Identify titles of law that are poorly organized due to repeated amendment or other reason

• Identify sections of law that are written in archaic language

• Identify programs that have outlived their usefulness or are redundant

• Identify regulations that impact the ability to do business in this state, but whose original purpose is no longer justifiable

• Identify bureaucratic procedures or structures in state law that could be streamlined