Three Southern Oklahoma Tech­nology Center computer ­aided drafting students are advancing to the state competition after placing at the regional architec­tural drafting contest at Mid-America Technology Center.

Students had two and half hours to complete the assignments on com­puters they brought with them. This year, they had to complete a floor plan and kitchen elevation based on industry stan­dards. Students also take a written test before they go to the event.

Nanci Newcomb, Wil­son, won the post-second­ary division.

“The plan came togeth­er easily,” Newcomb said. “There were a few things I had to figure out, but this one was pretty easy.” She credits instructor Anthony Bilyeu with help­ing her be prepared for the contest.

“I was prepared,” New­comb said. “I practiced on and off for the last two months and really a lot the last few weeks to make sure we were prepared.” James Lee, Ardmore, placed second in the post­-secondary division.

“It was fun and some­thing new,” Lee said.

In the high school divi­sion, Moriah Britt, Sul­phur High School, placed fourth.

“It was pretty challeng­ing,” Britt said. “It’s stress­ful with people who have graduated from here and gone on to nationals, but it’s good to know nationals is in your grasp.”