Middle school students once again demonstrated their breadth of knowledge last week with the Annual Dickson Middle School Academic Fair.

"It is a great opportunity for our students to show off how talented and intelligent they are," said Principal Toby Ringwald. "Thanks to all of the teachers, especially Sherry Cargal, for organizing and encour­aging participation" Awards were given for first through third place in each grade, as well as an overall winner in each division.

Language Arts

Garrett Larson won the Language Arts Division by writing a free-verse poem about a tree.

"It was a life lesson my grandpa taught me about a tree," he said. "It's about making a difference by being you." The poem was 29 lines, with some lines rhyming.

"It was just something I wanted to do," Larson said. "I like writing as a hobby."

Overall Winner — Garrett Larson

Sixth grade

First place — Kylie Farmer Second place — Aubrey Maxey Third place — Madison Cimo

Seventh grade

First place — Garrett Larson Second place — Meredith Hendry Third place — Riley Collins

Eighth grade

First place — Brittany Peterson Second place — Brayden Watkins and Justin Rutledge

Third place - Cody Moore


Brandon Bell won Science Division by making a phonograph.

"You can't really understand it at all, and it was kind of hard to find the materials to make it," he said.

According to Bell, the hardest par t to find was a metal funnel, which he finally located at an auto parts store.

Overall Winner -Brandon Bell

Sixth grade

First place - Sarah Huhman Second place - Brooklyn Luelf Third place (tie) - Logan Robson Third place (tie) - Hunter Palesano

Seventh grade

First place - Brandon Bell Second place - Sam Herriott and Thomas Johnson Third place - Cody Garner

Eighth grade

First place - Chance Sweeten Second place - Jimmy McQuistion Third place - Zane Henderson


Cadie Sanders drew a werewolf made of tree branches for her winning art piece.

"I thought it would be pretty cool to draw out of trees because it would be creative and my own drawing," she said. "The hardest part was coming up with the creative idea."

Overall Winner - Cadie Sanders

Seventh grade

First place - Cadie Sanders Second place - Kelsie Engle Third place - Tommy Smith

Eighth grade

First place - Lindsey Wallace Second place - Jacey McHenry Third place - Macy Moore


Jordyn Nipp won the History Division with a project on Oklahoma history.

Her display included items like Girl Scout cookies, bread ties and an aerosol can, all things that began in Oklahoma. Facts included being the state with the most man-made lakes.

"There were a lot of interesting things about Oklahoma that I didn't know before," she said.

Overall winner - Jordyn Nipp

Sixth grade

First place - Jordyn Nipp Second place - Trey Haggerty Third place - Emily Jewell

Seventh grade

First place - Brook Kyle Second place - Dakota Byers Third place - Courtney Leyva and Austyne Smith

Eighth grade

First place - Jaci Peoples Second place - Emma Meeks Third place - Brooklyn McCoy


Jenna Elmer won the Math Division by studying Angry Birds. With help from her mom, a high school math teacher, Elmer calculated the parabolas formed by the birds and the angle needed to knock the buildings down.

"I was just really determined to get that overall win this year," Elmer said. "I've been brought up around math, and it was definitely fun because half of it was playing Angry Birds."

Overall Winner - Jenna Elmer

Sixth grade

First place - Landri McClure Second place - Treasure Hunter Third place - Cheylo Wells

Seventh grade

First place - Gavin Nichols Second place - Corbin Faulkner Third place - Caelan Young

Eighth grade

First place - Jenna Elmer Second place - Austin Hunter Third place - Madison Stringfellow and Brianna Owens