The City of Ardmore laid the groundwork for the 2013-2014 fiscal year budge t during a commissioner retreat last week. Mayor Bob Geurin said the commission met with depart­ment heads during the meeting and explored the needs of the city. The retreat was also an opportunity to discuss future projects and pressing concerns that will affect the city.

“This set the table for the July budget,” Geurin said. “We basically had each depart­ment head meet with us to discuss the issues in their de­partments and what is needed. We listened to what is taking place, what they want and what kind of equipment they may need.” Geurin said Wayne Busma, City Engineer, had a list of 25 streets in Ardmore in need of repair and the commis­sion was able to weigh in with streets that have been brought to their attention. Shawn Geurin, Public Works Director, also discussed the ongoing water line project as well as an overview of the city water supply.

“We haven’t recovered our water supply,” Mayor Geurin said. “The winter months are slow and we use 50 percent of what we do in the summer months. If we don’t have some rain, we will have to make some major decisions on how we use our water. We still have spring so the jury is still out, but the water levels are not where they need to be." In terms of the ongoing project on utility lines to bring the city into compliance with the Department of Environmental Quality, Geurin said work is expected to span four years.

Keith Mann, Ardmore Police Chief, discussed a possible relocation of the depart ment to the corner of Stanley and A Street SW. Geurin said the city purchased the building, which formerly housed Workforce Oklahoma, last year.

"We bought it for the police department," Guerin said. "The commission believes the location of the department on the third and second floor of City Hall is inconvenient for the department and the citizens. They have outgrown it and the commissioners felt the department needed to remain downtown for a number of reasons." Geurin said the talks about the renovation and relocation remain strictly exploratory in nature.