Two special meetings have been scheduled for this week and one involves the placement of a new Executive Director and CEO for the Ardmore Development Authority.

The ADA will have a special meeting at 3 p.m., Thursday in which a consideration and possible action on the recommendation of the executive committee to appoint a new president and CEO is listed. The agenda also lists an item to accept the retirement of the current President & CEO, Wes Stucky, effective Thursday.

Stucky announced his intention to retire in December 2012. Originally Stucky said he would retire in April. No indication has been given as to the reason for Stucky's accelerated retirement.

The announcement of a meeting came on the heels of a special meeting posted for the City of Ardmore Commission at 9:30 a.m., Friday. During the meeting, the commissioners "will consider and take action on approval to maintain the current eligibility requirements as set forth in the Trust Indenture of the Ardmore Development Authority, as amended to serve as trustee of the Authority."

At stake is the possibility of allowing three ADA board members to continue to serve on the board. Earlier this month, those board members were found to be in violation of the Indenture as they live outside of Ardmore city limits. One member, Larry Pulliam, is listed to conduct the ADA special meeting as chairman during the Thursday meeting.

Michael Pineda