Taxpayer money would be barred from funding public relations campaigns against guns and gun rights if House Bill 2020 becomes law.

The measure, authored by state Rep. Sean Roberts (R-Hominy), would ensure public funds are reserved for legitimate state needs and not open for use to back a political agenda.

“Right now, taxpayer funds can be accessed to demonize guns or lobby for gun control,” Roberts said. “House Bill 2020 would prohibit this practice in Oklahoma and make sure public money isn’t used to put everyday people – such as law-abiding gun owners – in the crosshairs of an agency with a political agenda.

“This bill will better protect taxpayer dollars and reserve that money for use on projects truly meaningful to the state and not be left vulnerable for use against guns and gun rights, which Oklahomans overwhelmingly support.”

The measure passed out of the Public Safety Committee by a 13-1 vote. It now advances to the House Calendar Committee for further consideration.