Brian Carter received a new job title Thursday afternoon as he was named Interim President & CEO of the Ardmore Development Authority during a special meeting. Carter, who was hired as ADA Vice President n July 2012, will take the place of Wes Stucky, whose retirement became effective Thursday. The ADA Board of Trustees approved Carter based on the recommendation of a committee consisting of three trustees and three members of the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce Board.

"He is very bright," Larry Pulliam said. "He recognizes the importance of the ADA, Ardmore Chamber of Commerce and the Ardmore City Commission to be united and work together."

Carter, as well as Stucky, was not present at the meeting per Pulliam's request. Pulliam added that Carter has not been part of any of the controversy that has surrounded the ADA recently.

"He told me 'my first mission is to start building bridges,'" Pulliam said.

Another bridge may have been burned during the special meeting as Carter was approved by a 6-2 vote. Gary Farabough and Chris Sandvick voted against the motion while Henry Roberts, James Chambers, Mike Cawley, Phil McAnally, Belinda Morris and Jessica Pfau voted to approve the motion. Both Pfau and Morris' eligibility to serve on the board has been brought into question as has Pulliam's, who served as chairman of the board during the meeting, as all three live outside of Ardmore. The Indenture states all members of the board must live in city limits.

What concerns ADA board members is that at least two members were living outside of city limits when their current term began yet they were confirmed by the city.

In a Feb. 7 issue of The Ardmoreite, Vice-Mayor Sheryl Ellis acknowledged the issue had gotten past the city and the ADA and also said "We are asking them to comply with the indenture because of possible future legal issues."

A letter sent to all three board members obtained by open record request read:

"As you are aware, the Third Amended Trust Indenture Agreement between the City of Ardmore and the Ardmore Development Authority requires that the Trustees for the Authority must be "citizens and residents of the [City}." Based on this requirement, the City is requesting that, within three (3) business days of receipt of this letter, you supply my office with a certification of whether you presently comply or do not comply with this requirement (i.e. that you are or not a citizen and resident of the City of Ardmore). The City further requests that, if you assert you are presently a citizen and resident of Ardmore, that you supply the City with a physical address at which you reside as well as documentary evidence in support of the contention that you reside at that address."

All three trustees complied with the request and Pulliam said no request has been made by the city for them to leave the board.

"The city commission approved us and until they vacate us, we are duly appointed," he said.

This morning at 9:30 a.m., the city commission has scheduled a special meeting at which time the commissioners will consider and take action on approval to maintain the current eligibility requirements as set forth in the Trust Indenture of the Ardmore Development Authority as Amended to Serve as Trustee of the Authority.

Michael Pineda