Sponsors and volunteers joined A2A runners Saturday night for the Pre-Race Pasta Dinner served in the Ardmore Convention Center.

The dinner gave the two groups the opportunity to not only "carb up" in preparation of the energy they will expend during today's race but also get to know one another. The dinner also gave A2A Founder and Race Director Alison Smalley an opportunity to recognize the sponsors for their financial support and thank the volunteers, who Smalley calls "the face" of the A2A.

"We have volunteers from under 10 years of age to over 80. From registration and packet pick-up to the water stations along the course, our runners have raved about the friendly, courteous, helpful volunteers. They have written about it in emails, posted it on Facebook pages, and rated them on the international website, Marathonguide.com," Smalley said. "And that doesn't even count those that work behind the scenes for months to prepare for the big weekend. Runners never see all those that work on very un-glamorous tasks such as organizing hundreds of volunteers, stuffing packets, hauling cones and fencing, parking cars and picking up trash."

Smalley also applauded the work of a special volunteer group — the A2A Advisory Board. She described the board as, "an extraordinary group who came together with the sole purpose of bringing an extraordinary event to Ardmore ... A diverse group of men and women of all ages, runners and non-runners ... They are an energetic room-full of multi-taskers."

Advisory Board members act as chairmen of the various volunteer committees. Those honored for their efforts during the dinner included:

n Bob Bates - Runners' post-race food

n Norman Bradsher - Runners' gear-check crew

n Candy Davidson - Pasta Dinner

n Curtis Davidson - Sponsorship Committee

n Tom Dunlap - Parking Committee

n Jo Fuller - 5K Race

n Malane Grace - Awards, medals and t-shirts

n Julie Keys - Packet assembly and registration

n Kevin Keys - Mile and course marking

n David Logan - Special projects r

n Dee Ann Marshall - Water/aid stations

n Steve Martin - Cancer bell

n Andre' Moore - Treasurer and supply coordinator

n Dillon Payne - Stadium crew

n Chuck Price - Half Marathon

n Al Schneider - Marathon and course committee

n John Sjulin - Bicycle safety committee

n Steve Smalley - Trash pick-up committee

n Vance Smith - Radio communication committee

n Jacque Stedman - Medical support committee

n Tim Vandagriff - Course marshals committee

"Trying to describe what each of these volunteers does in just a few words is almost impossible. They do whatever it takes — whenever and wherever it is needed," Smalley said.

See photos of the A2A Pasta Dinner online at www.ardmoreite.com.