Patrons were able to hear more about the possible upcoming bond Monday evening. School officials presented information at Charles Evans Elementary and HFV Wilson Community Center.

At the center, many in the crowd were supportive of the bond issue and the long-range plans for the district.

"I know what a benefit it would be," said Gwen Williamson, Charles Evans Elementary teacher. "I own a house, too, and understand we will have to pay more, but I've got grandkids that go to school here.

"Classes taking place in portable buildings, currently happening at Will Rogers, Lincoln and Jefferson elementaries, is a particular concern for Williamson.

"Kids are isolated in the portables. They are away from everything," she said. "A school is a family and they need to be a part of that instead of out in a portable.

"Even though Charles Evans no longer has portables, the building itself still needs work, including a gymatorium.

"This is an All-American city. Now we need an All-American place for our kids," Williamson said. "When we have them in a quality place they will perform.

"Chris Kennedy, director of operations, supports the effects the bond will have on his department's funding.

"The middle school roof alone would deplete about 75 percent of the building fund," he said.

As someone who works at all the buildings, the breadth of the projects is also appealing.

"This first bond touches every part of the community," Kennedy said. "I have never been a part of a bond issue like that before.

"Projects in the possible $31 million bond issue also include track resurfacing at Noble Stadium, classroom additions at Jefferson and Will Rogers and a new Lincoln Elementary.

"There is not a want on this bond. It is all about the needs of the district," Kennedy said.

Anyone who has questions about the bond can attend meetings from 6-7 tonight at Will Rogers Elementary, Lincoln Elementary or Ardmore High School cafeteria.