Ardmore police officers and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers conducted a traffic safety check point Wednesday afternoon at the intersection of North Rockford and Rena Park Roads with results that showed most local drivers are obeying the law.

Sgt. Patrick James, Ardmore Police Department Ardmore Safe Streets Enforcement Team, said the traffic safety check point was operated for two hours. The results? A total of 439 motorists went through the check point. APD issued only 19 tickets including:

n No driver license — 2 tickets

n Driving under suspension — 3 arrested and jailed

n No insurance — 7 tickets

n Expired tags — 5 tickets

n Seatbelt violation — 1 ticket

n Window tint violation — 1 ticket

Troopers issued an additional 22 tickets. (The breakdown of OHP tickets was not immediately available.)

The overall results showed that of the total drivers checked less than 10 percent were not in compliance with traffic safety laws. James said that low number of tickets issued was good news.

"It's a very low number. It's great. What this showed us was that the majority of people are obeying the traffic laws," he said.

Do the results mean the safety check point was APD's first and last?

"No, we we will be conducting more of these in the future," James said, adding while the exact times and places of such check points are never publicized, APD does release the day of such operations in advance.

While ASSET members were assisted by APD patrol officers and troopers, in conducting the first ever APD traffic safety check point Wednesday, James also commended the City of Ardmore Street Department.

"We really appreciated the assistance of Don Olive, supervisor of the street department, for his help in setting up the check point," James said.