The Wilson Historical Society/Museum is work­ing on a historical cook­book containing recipes, stories and pictures featur­ing Wilson’s cooks.

The book, which will honor those that have contributed to Wilson’s history, will be organized by cook, not recipe, and be published as an 8 ½ inch x 11 inch hardback. Biographical information should include the follow­ing information:where and when born, parents, school, marriage, children.

Information can also be provided about the recipe, the cook, growing up in Wilson, life in Wilson dur­ing that time period and other pertinent informa­tion. A picture of the cook is also requested.

Information and pictures can be given to Barbara Burris (580) 668-2610 or (580) 668-1112, Nita Se­groves (580) 668-2440, George Pinches (580) 224-0766 or (580) 224-0766 or (580) 504-4077. The information can also be left at the museum, located at 1270 8th Street in Wilson. Pictures can be scanned by the museum and re­turned and can be emailed to Pinches at