According to seasonal food is a great food choice for several reasons. First, seasonal fruits and vegetables are at optimal flavor and quality. Second, they’re in abundance, so they cost less at the grocery store or farmer’s market. And third they are are more nutritious because they don’t travel as far or as long to the table.

So what’s in for spring? Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, LDN, the Chicago-based author and American Dietetic Association spokeswoman, said it depends from region to region. But here are some to consider:

Apricots — delicious served fresh, especially when chopped in a salad.

Asparagus — especially when grilled.

Artichokes — one of the highest antioxidant vegetables around.

Broccoli — not only loaded with antioxidants but also high in fiber.

Chives — one of the many seasonal herbs that are especially good in the spring.

Fennel — available in early spring and also in summer and fall. It has a slight licorice flavor and adds a unique taste and crunch to salads.

Greens — including Swiss chard, mustard greens, and collard greens. Serve them in a tossed salad.

Spinach —use in place of lettuce in sandwiches, on burgers, in salads or on pasta.

Mango — puree it and serve on top of fresh strawberries

Oranges — a winter fruit that carries carry over into spring.

Strawberries. — available through the summer but sweetest in the spring