A bill aimed at preventing frivolous unemployment benefit claims passed out of the House of Representatives today.

House Bill 1911, by House Speaker T.W. Shannon, would modify the Employment Security Act of 1980 by requiring applicants for unemployment benefits to sign an affidavit stating the he or she does not meet any specific criteria that would disqualify the applicant from eligibility to receive benefits.

“When an employee files a frivolous unemployment benefit claims it causes the employer’s rates to go up and reduces the money available to those who truly deserve it,” said Speaker Shannon, R-Lawton. “This measure makes it more difficult for fired employees to file these unsubstantiated claims.”

The measure also lays out a list of actions that would be “misconduct” on the part of an employee if done during the course of employment and that would disqualify a person terminated for any of those actions from receiving unemployment benefits.

HB 1911 now moves to the Senate for consideration.