A measure aimed at preventing the use of state funds for the promotion or advocacy of gun control passed a full vote of the House.

House Bill 2020, by state Rep. Sean Roberts, makes it illegal for a public officer or employees of a public officer to use public monies on pro-gun control related activities. That includes: using publicity or propaganda for the purpose of advocating or promoting gun control in pamphlets, booklets or electronic communication; paying the salary or expenses of any grant or contract recipient related to the influence of legislation; or promotion of any proposed, pending or future federal, state or local tax increase related to gun control.

“This bill will prevent taxpayer dollars from going to gun control efforts,” said Rep. Roberts, R-Hominy. “Here in Oklahoma, we believe in the Second Amendment. The right to bear arms is of vital importance in this state. Oklahomans don’t want to see their hard-earned tax dollars going to promote ideologies they don’t believe in. This bill will ensure their tax dollars won’t be used against them to push an agenda they don’t support.”

The bill passed out of the House by a vote of 83-7. HB 2020 now heads to the state Senate for consideration.