The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation took steps to improve fishing at Lake Murray Wednesday, refreshing brush piles around Tucker's Tower, Buzzards' Roost and Martin's Landing.

Cliff Sager, chairman of the department's Fish Habitat Committee and south central region fisheries biologist, said the department manages fish attractor sites in more than 100 lakes in the state.

"We try to rotate through our lakes and provide fresh brush," Sager said. "This is a great cooperative partnership with the park. They cut down the trees and delivered them."

The department used Red Cedar trees, which are an invasive species, to place on brush piles in the lake. There are 18 brush piles but Sager said some from the upper end of the lake would be removed in time.

This is the second time the department has been in Carter County this year to provide fresh brush to improve fishing conditions for anglers. In January, all three brush piles at Healdton City Lake were refurbished with another pile established. All four sites were marked with buoys and the Healdton Industrial Authority provided the trees.

Sager said 100 trees were used for the Lake Murray refurbishing project, which lasted one day. As department officials were loading the trees onto a pontoon boat, the lower water line was noticeable. Sager said the lake is down six feet but the drought has not affected fishing conditions.

"We would like to see more water in the lake to make it more accessible but it hasn't really affected the fish and fishing," he said.

The Department of Wildlife lists a map of its fish attractor locations and the GPS coordinates for lakes in the state. To access the information, log onto