Think you’ve got nothing to look forward to as you get older? Think again! According to getting older might actually improve your health in a number of unexpected ways.

As the years fly by, it’s easy to focus on the less-than-desirable aspects of your aging physique. But did you know that, in some ways, your body actually gets better with age? In fact, doctors and researchers are discovering that the natural aging process has certifiable health benefits. The changes aren’t dramatic and they certainly won’t turn back the hands of time, but even small physiological improvements can make a big difference when it comes to feeling younger and enjoying life more.

Here’s one of real benefits you can look forward to as you grow older.

Milder Allergies

Plagued by allergies all your life? They’ll be less bothersome as you get older. “After age 50, the body reacts with less vehemence to hay fever and other seasonal allergies, perhaps because older bodies produce less of the allergic antibody IgE,” says allergist Michael Welch, M.D., co-director of the Allergy and Asthma Medical Group and Research Center in San Diego and professor of medicine at the University of California-San Diego. Many food allergies diminish, too. However, severe sensitivities to tree nuts and peanuts may not go away. For unknown reasons, these food allergies tend to be life-long Welch said.