Winter, what there was of it, appears to be in the rearview mirror giving way to spring.

And with the seasonal change comes the ritual of lawn care. Watering a lawn that is destined to become the envy of the neighborhood and grooming it to perfection.

Those that fall under this category, this article is not for you.

For others, it is important to stay vigilant and keep the lawn within city ordinance standards, which means grass should be no higher than 12 inches.

"Once it gets 12 inches high, you will see a yellow sign in the yard," Becky Lynn, Ardmore Code Enforcement officer, said. "If the city posts a sign in the yard, they have 10 days to mow it. If not, we will send someone to look at it and we will have it mowed within a week."

Lynn said there are a number of residents that repeatedly receive attention from the city for high grass. The violation is listed in the city code, Sec. 11-52 under responsibility of a property owner. It states, "It shall be unlawful for any owner of any lot, tract or parcel of land situated wholly or in part within the corporate limits of the city to allow trash or weeds to grow, stand or accumulate upon such premises and it shall be the duty of such owner to remove or destroy any such trash or weeds. Any owner convicted of violating this section shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $70 and costs."

The code also says each day constitutes a separate violation and the property owner is responsible for control of trash or weeds on the portion of the abutting right of way between the property line and the paved portions of abutting streets, alleys or public ways or easements.

"We get bombarded with phone calls about lawns," Lynn said. "And once we get a call, we have to go out and look."

Given the winter was light without a heavy freeze, residents also need to be mindful of eliminating pools of water that are a breeding ground for mosquitos.

"If people keep their grass mowed, it will help deter mosquitoes, bugs and tics because they will not have anywhere to hide," Lynn said.

It is also important to note when mowing a lawn, it is unlawful to blow grass clippings into the street. The clippings get into storm drains and clog them, resulting in flooded streets and homes. The violation can result in a ticket and court appearance Lynn said.

• The City of Ardmore is looking for mowers this summer. Lynn said the city is down to three mowers and is looking for people interested in a summer job. Each mower must have liability insurance as well as their own lawnmower and transportation.

The city awards lawnmowing jobs on a bid basis. A list of lawns is handed out with the mower making a bid on each lawn. Should the bid be accepted, the mower has 10 days to complete the job. To learn more about this financial opportunity, contact Lynn at (580) 221-2539.