Two local eighth-graders have advanced to the Oklahoma Na­tional Geographic Bee.

Luke Stevenson won the Oak Hall Episcopal School Bee.

“The questions were usually easy with hard places, like places I really hadn’t heard of but could tell by knowing the continent or other context clues,” he said.

Parker Foster won the Plain­view Middle School Bee.

“I like geography better than most subjects. It comes easier to me, and it’s easier to remember,” he said.

In addition to their school bee wins, both young men had to take a written test which quali­fied them for the state bee. T he state bee will be April 5 at the University of Oklahoma.

“I was kind of surprised be­cause it took so long to get the results back. I thought I didn’t make it,” Stevenson said. “The test was really hard.” The first place winner at the state bee will receive $100 and the “Complete National Geographic on DVD.” The winner will also advance to nationals May 20-22 at National Geographic Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

"Nationals would be pretty cool because I'd be on TV and everything," Foster said.

Stevenson is studying geography books he has found at the school and using the Internet and geography-related apps. He also is looking at old bee question booklets.

"I'm looking up a general summary of everything to have a broad variety of facts," Stevenson said.

He is the son of Pamela and Richard Stevenson. He participates in golf and track and plays the piano.

Stevenson plans to be an aerospace engineer.

"I like science and math and I like planes and rockets and pretty much anything that flies," he said.

Foster said he enjoys watching the Game Show Network, which provides practice, and studies online.

"It's cool since it's at OU and everything," Foster said. "If I study hard, I have a chance of winning." His winning question was about where salsa originated.

"Chile seemed like the right answer. I just went over all the South American countries in my head and used context clues," Foster said.

He is the son of Scott and Kim Foster. He participates in football, basketball and track.

Foster said he plans to play college football and become an orthodontist.

"An orthodontist has good pay and doesn't seem hard," he said.