There appears to be some work to be done for the Ardmore Development Authority to secure right of ways for its rail project at the Ardmore Airpark.

Following an executive session Tuesday afternoon, the board approved the commencement of negotiations to purchase 10 acres of land for right of ways per a confidential contract. It also empowered Interim CEO Brian Carter to conduct the negotiations. The ADA will also commence imminent domain proceedings on the property in question, which makes up two right of ways. Carter will conduct negotiations with Tim Duit.

Carter said the land is located by State Highway 53. He also said for this project, there are two sets of property right of ways that need to be negotiated, which to the best of his knowledge were the only two that had to be negotiated for the project.

"All of the 10 acres is involved in the right of ways," Carter said.

Work at the Airpark has been moving forward for some time with Sovereign Development having started construction at the airpark. The ADA also gained approval from the Carter County Commissioners to move a road and make improvements to move the project forward.

"This is later than ideal," Carter admitted.

No particulars to what the ADA is offering Duit was given as negotiations and contracts are confidential, Mita Bates, ADA Vice President, said.