Over the years, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and Southeastern Oklahoma State University have teamed up on numerous projects for the benefit of students and the community.

One of the partnership’s latest efforts – Choctaw U – was recently awarded the Exceptional Program Award (Credit) by the Association for Continuing Higher Education Great Plains Region. The award was presented last week at the Association’s Regional Conference at Kansas State University.

Attending the conference to accept the award from the Choctaw Nation were Tana Sanders, Director of Learning and Development, and Jack Hedrick, Curriculum Designer and Instructor.

Dr. Aaron Adair, Assistant Dean of Distance and Adult Education, represented Southeastern.

This unique program offers students the opportunity to earn credit hours at Southeastern while completing Choctaw U courses that are focused on leadership, communication, and business.

“Teaming up with Southeastern to meet our goals for the leadership and education programs of our employees is a giant step in succession planning for the Choctaw Nation,’’ said Chief Gregory E. Pyle.

“Choctaw U is a great example of successful partnership and collaboration,’’ said Southeastern president Larry Minks. “The Nation and University have combined resources to produce a truly unique educational experience that will benefit the participants and community for many years.’’