Non-stranger Sexual Response Team Training ( SART) is being offered in Ardmore on Tuesday from 8-5pm at the Carter County Health Department. This training is designed for members of the SART which is a multi-disciplinary, inter-agency collaboration that unites it's members in a coordinated victim-centered and offender focused approach to the intervention and care of sexual assault survivors. This training is also open to individuals who wish to learn more about SART teams and their effectiveness or to the general public. This course is certified for 7 hours of CLEET credit including 2 mental health credit hours. This course is also certified for 7 hours of CDSVRP continuing education credits.

The training is a presentation of a sexual assault case scenario from first disclosure to jury selection with presentations from advocacy, law enforcement, prosecution and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE). Participants will engage in team problem solving activities throughout the program.

For class registration please contact the Oklahoma Regional Community Policing Institute at or call 405/ 671-8742.