The Oklahoma City Zoo announces the addition of African lion, Hubert, now 19 months old, who joined the Zoo in late 2012. He was born at the Milwaukee County Zoo and came to the Zoo as part of the Species Survival Plan supported by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

After a 30-day quarantine period, a required part of the AZA’s wellness program to ensure the health of animals being introduced to new zoo environments, Hubert has been acclimating to his new habitat and slowly meeting female lions, Tia and Bridget. Tia and Bridget have not had a male lion companion since the death of Zoo-favorite, Aslan, in March 2012. Both females gave birth to Aslan’s cubs in 2007. The cubs were kept together and began living at the El Paso, Texas, zoo as a non-breeding pride in 2010.

“Like Aslan before, Hubert is joining the pride as a healthy, young and handsome cat,” said Jeff Rife, Zoo animal supervisor. “He will not have a full mane for awhile but will be an impressive, big cat when he is full grown.”

Although he has been initially shy, Hubert is getting more comfortable with his surroundings and has already been seen perched on top of the hill in Lion Overlook surveying his new “kingdom.” While introductions are ongoing, guests may see either the females or Hubert. As they spend time bonding, guests may see the pride relaxing and playing together.

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