Getting ready for spring!

So its been a few days, spring break in Ardmore took a few days to recover from. Every eve we enjoyed the leisurely ride downtown, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and enjoying the simple enjoyment of small town life. Tonight I am a bit beat, because part of recovering from spring break is getting back into your work out groove...and good lord today was brutal! Which brings me to my newest topic coming up in the next few weeks. Ardmore has a number of great gyms in town for every personality type and interest. So over the next few weeks, I will be talking about the different gyms and what YOU can do to get yourself ready for summer. In the meantime, flowers abound at our many flower "crack houses". My mother and I refer to Pick of the Day, the Garden Station, Wilkinson's Nursery,  Dessie's Veggies in Wilson, and yes, Lowes and Walmart too as our version of a crack house. We are addicted! And don't forget on Grand Ave and Key's Groecery downtown for some of your vegetable garden needs. Don't worry, there is more to come in getting ready for spring!

In the meantime, get a bike, take a stroll, and enjoy an your hometown.