Ardmore Middle School Advancement Via Individual Determination students had a special opportunity Wednesday to ask questions of Rep. Tom Cole.

"It's inspiring to have kids asking questions at that level," Cole said.

Despite being too young to vote, the students appreciated Cole's work in representing Oklahoma.

"I'm glad he's the representative of Oklahoma because some people aren't that good at the job, but he gave a really good speech," said sixth-grader Charlie Jones.

"I think Mr. Cole seemed really educated about the government and a really good representative for Oklahoma," said sixth-grader Riley Keeton.

The event got the students thinking about their opinions on political issues.

"I agreed with most of what he was saying, like the budget and the president," said sixth-grader Sakeithia Anderson.

They asked about a variety of issues including the economy, national budget and health care.

"I liked everything he said. I thought he was really smart. He spoke his mind and didn't just tell what everyone else says," said sixth-grader Kadi Johnson.

Sixth-grader J'Licia Smith asked whether the congressman supports abortion laws.

"He told me he was against it and he is working to stop it," she said.

Many students were also interested in Cole's opinion of President Barack Obama.

"I liked how he shared his opinion about the president, like how he didn't approve of him but worked with him anyway," said sixth-grader Brooklyn Anoatubby.