The Southern Oklahoma Technology Center Business Professionals of America brought home several chap­ter and individual awards from the State BPA Confer­ence.

The chapter received BPA Cares Awards for BPA Mar­keting and Public Relations, Community Action, Safety Awareness, Environmental Action Awareness and Com­munity Relief Service.

Seven students will ad­vance to nationals after placing in their individual competitions.

“I’m super excited and ready to make Oklahoma proud,” Natalie Mullins said. “Mrs. (Cindy) Adams is the best instructor preparing us for competition.” Some students said they wished all the SOTC stu­dents could go to nationals, which will be in Orlando, Fla., in May.

“I wish I could take the trophy and break it into pieces so everyone could go to nationals and have a chance to win,” Halie Es­teph said.

Esteph and De’Andrea McGee were also recognized with State Torch Awards for their work in seven catego­ries — Leadership; Service; Cooperation; Knowledge; Friendship; Love, Hope, Faith; and Patriotism.

TyLynn Smith won post­secondary medical office procedures.

“I’m still surprised,” she said. “One of the jobs I wasn’t prepared for, but I knew enough from here to figure it out. I had to remind myself to settle down and breathe.” Also from the medical of­fice assistant class was Bec­ca Tyer, Lucia Sanchez and Gabriela Rodriguez, who won Administrative Sup­port Team.

The event allows for teams up to four people.

“We were intimidated by the other teams because we had one of the smallest teams,” Tyer said.

However, it wound up not being a problem as they put together a variety of data on trees using Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

"We were over-prepared," Rodriguez said. "We thought it would be harder, but then we were in shock when they told us we won first place." They did struggle slightly with creating a letterhead.

"We hadn't done it before, so we just started putting things together," Sanchez said.

Video production students also volunteered to create the official flashback video of the confer ence. The project was filmed and edited in time to be shown on the last day of the conference.

"We had to edit it under an extremely tight deadline, and we had over 200 clips," Devan Barnes said.

The group was up until 4 a.m. completing the project.

"It was a lot of fun, but really, really stressful," Haleigh Green said.

BPA State Winners High School Medical Office Procedures First place — Halie Esteph Second place — Becca Tyer Adult Medical Office Procedures First place — TyLynn Smith Third place — De’Andrea McGee Top 10 — Natalie Mullins High School Basic Office Systems and Procedures First place — Halie Esteph High School Administrative Support Team First place — Becca Tyer, Lucia Sanchez and Gabriela Rodriguez Adult Advanced Interview Skills First place — De’Andrea McGee Adult Administrative Support Concepts Top 10 — TyLynn Smith Adult Interview Skills First place — Natalie Mullins High School Broadcast News Team Top 10 — Madison Moss and Brandon Thompson High School Video Production Team Top 12 — Yusuf Shurbaji and Hayden Gilbert High School Presentation Management Team Top 10 — Haleigh Green, Devan Barnes and Ashlie Price.