Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) made one thing abundantly clear during his town hall meeting stop at the Ardmore Con­vention Center Monday afternoon. He is in Washington D.C. fighting the good fight. But he does need a little help.

Speaking to a full house, Coburn an­swered questions from those in atten­dance and highlighted his efforts in the Senate. As could be expected, several of the questions involved possible gun con­trol legislation. Coburn was adamant in his views on any legislation, champion­ing the second amendment.

“We are not going to have a new gun control law,” he said. Coburn added that we live in a country with a divided cul­ture and he did have reservations about selling guns to felons or those with men­tal illness. In discussing his record on gun control, Coburn said, “All I can say is look at my record.” Federal spending was also a key topic and Coburn was speaking to the convert­ed when stating the need to take action on the deficit. One audience member told Coburn he would like to see him “stand up more firmly on some of our debt,” to which Coburn replied, “How would you like for me to stand up more firmly.” Coburn has highlighted incidents of excessive spending in his annual waste­book, which highlights excessive govern­ment spending. He also said in Washing­ton D.C. there is no common sense and no courage to do what is expected from public officials.

“You need to communicate with every­body you know that lives outside of this state and have them hold their legislator responsible,” Coburn said. “There is an elite group of career politicians that are running this country.”

Sales tax on purchases made on the Internet was a topic of discussion which led to the bigger issue of reforming the tax code. Coburn said reform is needed to move for ward and also addressed his concerns about the future of Medicare and the impact Obamacare could have on the entitlement. Coburn said the new health care plan would place Medicare in greater jeopardy because it would harm private practices and places more of an emphasis on hospitals.