If there’s one thing Americans have learned from the financial crisis of 2008, it’s that they do not want to lose their money – again – especially for folks of a certain age, said financial advisor Philip Rousseaux, a member of the esteemed Million Dollar Round Table association’s exclusive Top of the Table forum for the world’s most successful financial services professionals.

Rousseaux offers this tip to help you stay retired:

How much you have isn’t as important as you think. For years planners have touted finding your magical number so that you can afford retirement. This is simply not an accurate measurement and isn’t what matters, according to Rousseaux. “With interest rates at 60-year lows and people living longer due to health care advances, the priority in planning is how much income can you generate and will that income last for your lifetime.” The income your investments can generate is the key to successful retirement planning in the second phase, which Rousseaux calls the distribution phase.