OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma League of Women Voters is set to have a first-of-its-kind statewide "Focu$ on Education" event at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday with a live broadcast at the University Center of Southern Oklahoma.

While the live panel discussion happens at the Metro technology Center in Oklahoma City, a live feed will be available in Room 1 at UC.

The panel discussion on funding education reforms features David Blatt with the Oklahoma Policy Institute; Sharon Rodine with the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy; Terry Graham, Burlington Public Schools board member; Lavena Brown, parent of Oklahoma City Public Schools preschool student and Brad Williams, vice president of student services at Oklahoma State University Oklahoma City.

"We wanted to present an event that focused on the critical issue of education that allowed for a diverse group of voices to express their concerns from every corner of the state," said Mary Jane Lindaman with the League of Women Voters of Oklahoma. "This event and the way it's structured with live broadcasts happening at tech centers and community colleges across the state will allow us to do just that. This also helps showcase the capacity of our state career tech and higher education facilities to increase access to learning to all areas of the state – rural and urban. And, it's something that's never been done before, and for that, we are extremely proud."

Lindaman said The League decided to focus on education as the subject of the event because of the growing concern across Oklahoma about the demand for more rigor and focus on student outcomes being placed on the education community at the same time that education funding levels have decreased across the state.

"We all agree that rigor and accountability is key to making certain every Oklahoma child, regardless of their background, graduates high school prepared for, and with access to college and career training," Lindaman said. "But we're concerned without substantial investments to the education budget by the Legislature, we'll fall short of this goal."