Stand for Children Oklahoma encourages Oklahomans to observe National Drop Everything and Read Day Stand for Children Oklahoma, a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that every child has the sup­port and tools they need to succeed, is encouraging Oklahomans to observe National Drop Everything and Read Day on Friday to engage children and keep them excited about read­ing and learning.

“Reading is one of the most important skills to develop, because it pro­vides a solid foundation for continued learning,” said Brian Hunt, execu­tive director of Stand for Children Oklahoma. “It is important for parents to set the expectation for their child to be a life-long learner and for them to instill a love of learning in their children early on to set them up for a lifetime of success.” Here are a few ways to celebrate National Drop Everything and Read Day with your child:

Read to your child. While they are learning, take turns reading para­graphs or pages together and help them work out the words they might not know. Read early and of­ten, and once you find out what they are interested in, focus on books with those topics to keep them interested in reading and learning.Talk with your child. When you talk with your children about everyday experiences, you are help­ing your child build their vocabulary and connect the world with words. Take them on trips to the library and museum or go on walks in the park.Act out your child’s favorite stories. When you find a story or topic your child loves, have them act out different scenes or scenarios using props and costumes. Join them in playtime to encourage their learning and creativ­ity.Encourage your child to ask questions. It is im­portant to encourage your child to ask questions so they can develop their problem-solving and criti­cal-thinking skills.