In a town of approxi­mately 5,000, only 96 voted in the election to place a city council mem­ber to represent Ward 5. And since the result was a 48-48 deadlock, it will fall on one person to de­termine who will win the election.

The Carter County Elec­tion Board has scheduled a special meeting at 9 a.m., Monday at which either incumbent Mickey Davis or Jason Pinkerton’s name will be drawn, giv­ing them the right to rep­resent the city.

Either Davis or Pinker­ton could have protested the results of the election because of an issue with voters who did not live in the city limits cast­ing ballots. The election board repor ted five votes had been cast illegally Thursday but upon fur­ther review, the number was decreased to three. It was determined that two, who were thought to have not been residents, had an old address listed and had since moved into city limits.

Joyce Harris, interim election board secretary, will draw the name, per election board rules. The election board is required to notify both candidates in writing of the special election. Helen McReyn­olds serves as the elec­tion board secretary but is on a leave of absence while her son, Joe Da­vid McReynolds, runs for Carter County commis­sioner District 1, placing the responsibility of draw­ing the name of the candi­date on Harris The meet­ing will be at the election board office.

“It aggravates me 96 people are the only ones who care about govern­ment in a town of over 5,000 people,” Chris Young, Lone Grove Mayor, said. “Either we are doing something right or people don’t care.” Lone Grove will have its monthly meeting Monday evening at which time the councilman will be sworn in.