DAVIS — Dr. Bill Crynes, former University of Oklahoma Dean Emeritus of Engineering, will present "Outhouses: A Passing Americana" at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Those that enjoyed his program on Oklahoma Outhouses a few years ago won't want to miss this more in-depth discussion on outhouses across America.

The program includes the "hole" truth about American outhouses. Crynes will tell a few stories and show some photos from his collection of outhouses.

"The program is a light and lively presentation about the history and some really exciting facts about outhouses," Crynes said. "If you must, tell your friends this is a scholarly lecture on history, architecture, geography and literature. Truth is, this is a lot of fun — particularly if you are the right age."

Dr. Crynes grew up in Indiana and entered the Marine Corps after high school. He studied chemical engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. After receiving his B.S. Ch.E., he worked for du Pont as a development engineer. He left du Pont to do graduate work at Purdue University where he earned an M.S. and PhD degrees in chemical engineering.

He started an academic career at Oklahoma State University in 1967. He served as Head of the Chemical Engineering Department at OSU from July 1978 through May 1987 when he became Dean of Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. Crynes retired from the University of Oklahoma in the spring of 2002. He has a genuine interest in arcane outhouse trivia, which he likes to share.

This program is free and open to the public.

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