Last week Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforcement, Ardmore police, five youth volunteers and the Wichita Mountains Prevention Network conducted alcohol compliance checks in Ardmore.

The good news? Seventy-seven percent of Ardmore restaurants did not sell alcohol to a minor and 50 percent of the community's convenience stores also passed the test.

Gwynn Busby, WMPN spokesperson, called the result of the sting operation, "A positive message to the community regarding responsible alcohol sales."

While the local statistics were good, 39 percent of all vendors failed the test. Arrests were made and Busby said a 2012 survey shows there is room for improvement. The survey revealed:

n Eight percent of 10th graders reported drinking alcohol in the last year, either purchasing it with a fake ID or buying without a fake ID.

n A total of 17 percent of 12th graders also admitted to drinking alcohol in the last year, purchased with or without a fake ID.

Busby said those conducting the sting also learned something surprising.

"A police officer asked one of the people that was arrested if they knew where to look on an ID to see if someone was of age and they said, 'no,'" she said.

Daniel Romo, owner of Casa Romo's, is taking action to make sure his staff knows how to spot an underage drinker.

"An employee of Casa Romo's was cited for selling an alcoholic drink to a youth volunteer. In an effort to keep this from happening again, he has coordinated with WMPN to sponsor an employee Responsible Beverage Sales and Service training, to ensure his staff understands the laws regarding alcohol service and property identification," Busby said.

The training is free and open to all businesses serving or selling alcohol. It will be conducted from 9:30 a.m. to noon April 23 in the Smith Room of Ardmore Public Library. The training is for clerks, servers and managers and is geared to provide the knowledge and skills needed to sell and serve alcohol safely, responsibly and legally.

Ardmore Police Chief Keith Mann called the training beneficial.

"We are pleased to partner with other agencies and combine our efforts to curb underage drinking in our community. The training provided by this agency is an excellent step in the process, and provides those businesses that serve alcoholic beverage free training to help their employees recognize underage buyers. We encourage anyone that serves beer or alcoholic beverages, convenience stores, restaurants, bars, and liquor stores, to send their employees to this training," Mann said.

To ask questions or register for the trail call Busy at (580) 490-9197 or email