Lobsterfest, music, friends, and more!

Meeting friends around 6:00pm, we started our eve with beverages on the patio. The slight giddiness of new experiences to come tinged our night with smiles and laughter. Deciding that the tone of our night was beach time relaxed, we piled cushions and "poofs" in the back of our truck and climbing in, we lounged as we enjoyed our cruise to downtown, winding our way to the Farmer's Market Pavilion. Arriving, one could already see tables full of folks, smiling, laughing, even dancing to the sounds of a band that transported you to an island shore. A breeze kept our night cool, and yet, reminded one of the famed Santa Anna winds in California. Large hoola hoops rested against a pole, waiting for the inner child in all of us to come out and play. And two of our own local ladies took to the floor, showing they can shake a groove thing! Jenny Blakenship and Claudia Kittrel each took a turn swirling and twirling the hoop as their faces lit up. A conga line broke out winding its way through tables and folks, children danced and jumped enjoying watching the live lobsters.

And the food...boiled peel and eat shrimp, large and sumptious, remoulade sauce, oysters piled into a canoe, sausage, corn, potatoes...Oh my! Our lobster etiquette lady came over wearing a stunning fedora, while I did not get her name I do know that she was hilarious. And she does a mean twist! Both with a lobster head and on the floor. Deftly grabbing my lobster, she showed us how to twist, seperate, and enjoy every nook and crevice of that lobster. Even educated us on the "coral" which is the bright orange colored area  and the green goo, "tomalley" which apparently is savored like cavier.

To all who put so much effort into this event, it was wonderful, fun, inviting, and carefree...and just another adventure in our hometown.