Just words of hope for our neighbors in Boston

Yesterday, we suffered a violation in the midst of personal triumph, family celebration, and athletic achievement. When we weren't looking, someone hurt us, hurt our hope, hurt our safety, completely ripped our neighbors apart. Maybe this someone was foreign, maybe they were even on of us. Regardless, this act, this decision they made resulted in deaths and injuries that have been reported to be "battle field like". On a common street, at a finish line, during a revered event.

So where do we go from here?

Hope has been outpouring, homes have been offered, strangers have become close supporting one another in their confusion and fear. Maybe out of this, out of the several recent news making events of poor decisions, worse behavior, and downright heinous actions..maybe we will wake up.

Maybe we will start to talk kinder to strangers, make the choice to work hard, and for businesses to remember to value their employees rather than using them till they wear out. Maybe parents will look at what they created and start to interact more, ask more questions, monitor friends and behavior, maybe computers won't be in locked bedrooms of kids where the world of chaos is a few clicks away. Maybe "Call of Duty" won't be every five year olds Santa request. Maybe we won't keep minimizing the effect of media, music, and games on our developing future Americans. Maybe we decide family dinner should return as a goal and employers respect the family unit more, not less. Maybe we stop chasing dollars and start investing in creating a better quality of life in our communities so more of life can be enjoyed freely. Maybe we pay more attention to the people around us, we notice the forgotten and ignored, we offer a hand. And maybe, when we know it cannot be changed, we make the hard decisions. Maybe we realize we really cannot save the world, and we get back to saving our nation.

Yesterday was a horrid day, but Bostonians and our nation showed us we have not lost our hope, our strength, and our fight.

America, we need to find our hearts again.