For most of their lives, Plainview seniors Haden Coffey and Trae Wilkins have grown alongside each other, both as young men and as golfers.

Why not keep it going?

The two each signed athletic scholarships to attend Murray State College on Wednesday, in what was a big haul for Aggies coach Al Smith.

"They're local kids and they're both really good golfers," Smith said. "They have a lot of upside, a lot of potential, and the ability to move up to a D1 school if they work hard."

As two of the senior leaders for the Indians, Coffey and Wilkins played a huge role in last season's 3A state runner-up finish, and have not slowed down in their final campaign at Plainview. Last week, Coffey (75) and Wilkins (76) were among the top players at the Tournament of Champions in Ada, pushing the Indians to a third-place finish at the prestigious event.

"They've come in and been an integral part of the program ever since they were freshmen," Plainview head coach Andy Bloodworth said. "They've been great teammates throughout the years, and their work ethic and leadership has paced the program and set the tone."

Coffey mentioned the opportunity to stay close to home and develop his skills in a good environment as being two key reasons for his decision to go to Murray.

"We wanted to stay here and try to improve our game," Coffey said. "Hopefully we can develop to a level where we can go to OU or OSU."

Wilkins agreed, and also mentioned the advantages of being able to take the next step in his career with a close friend and teammate.
"We've been teammates for a really long time," Wilkins said. "It's big, very big for us."

Bloodworth also felt like the familiarity between the two will be an advantage at the next level.

"I feel like that will be a good thing for them," Bloodworth said. "What one might lack at times, the other will be there as a brother to help.

"One of their weaknesses can be the other's strength, and that goes for more than just golf."

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