Before Saturday's return of Stoney Larue to the Arbuckle Ballroom, concert-goers will get a bit of a pre-show featuring Red Dirt artist Bo Phillips in an acoustic set.

Hailing from Stillwater, Phillips brings a wide variety of influences into his music. His debut album "Dirt Road" featured all original music and his newest album "Fishin' with Grandpa" has much more of the same.

Phillips is also the real-life brother of Larue. The two were part of a group musicians who made Red Dirt music famous, jamming at the "Yellow House" in Stillwater with the likes of Jason Boland and Cody Canada. The group would often entertain other musicians such as Mike McClure and Brandon Jenkins.

Phillips' concert will begin at 9 p.m. tonight at the Arbuckle Ballroom in Davis.

Tickets are $10 apiece.

To ask questions, call the Arbuckle Ballroom at (480) 369-3870.