For the second year in a row, an Ardmore Middle School student has placed in the top three in the Annual Oklahoma Bar Association Law Day Creative Writing Contest.

Eighth-grader Desaray Widner placed second, while Faith Johnson received honorable mention.

"I like creative writing contests because they make writing more relevant to the students and give them a bigger audience than just their teacher and an incentive to do well," said teacher Jelana Mosley. "I am very proud of them."

Widner wrote a short story about a girl who mistreats black people until she is injured and dreams of being a slave on a cotton plantation. When the girl awakes, she realizes how wrong she was to be prejudice and apologizes for how she has acted.

"I wanted to make a point to let people know that nothing separates the races," Widner said. "I wasn't planning to win, I just wanted to get my point across."

Widner said she was inspired by her own history attending a predominantly black school in Texas and by the study of plantations and slavery in her current history class.

Widner said she plans to spend her $50 prize money on summer camps with Camp Fire and orchestra.

She plays the violin and is a member of Students Working Against Tobacco.

Widner plans to become an emergency room doctor or pediatric doctor.

"I want to help other people and their families so they don't lose anyone," she said. "Basically, I want to save everyone I can."

She also plans to continue writing, as she has already began writing a fantasy novel. Mosley has been an inspiration for the young writer.

"She motivates us to do our best. Some people see her as strict, but she is one of the best teachers I've ever had," Widner said.

Johnson wrote a short story about a handicap girl who is unable to attend field trips until the mayor helps provide proper transportation.

"I just always felt bad for the handicap people and how they might feel left out," Johnson said.

Johnson volunteers at Mercy Hospital Ardmore, plays basketball and attends Macedonia Baptist Church.

She plans to become an actress in comedic movies.

"I like to act, and I like to do fun stuff," Johnson said.