Quality of life, Tyler Blanco, music, Lake Murray, Earth Day, Kid's Day in the Park

Mark your calendars for next year! In the past two weeks, you could have felt like a New Englander eating lobster on the coast,  listened to live music on Tuesday eve at our park downtown, or wandered among the many efforts of Earth Day and Kids' Day in the Park. If you missed any of these events, I hope you make it out next year. Our town is trying to do some really interesting and fun activities, but even more, we are embracing the idea that "quality of life" isn't a tag line used on a tv show or ending quote on a Time Life Article.

Quality of life, something that in the past two decades began to look more and more like "how much stuff can you buy to create the idea of a life". But what about the other options? The options we have overlooked? Like having more free time, by having to earn less to pay for our lives, of turning off the tv and computer, of disengaging our kids and honestly, ourselves from all the technical  devices that seeem to both bring us the world and at the same time, remove us from the world we live in. Of engaging ourselves with one another...

So where do you start?

Pack a picnic, grab your partner, a friend, your family, or maybe just yourself. Take a blanket or a chair. Head to Central Park on Tuesdays. Find a spot on the green. Unroll your blanket, settle in, take your shoes off and lean back, watch the clouds overhead while music, folksy tunes of our own local, Tyler Blanco, taking the stage to give you a unique experience, similar to what one would find in larger communities. Let the kids play, flirt with your partner, slow your evening down.

Summer is coming...dust off your bike, start pedaling rather than driving, Ardmore has some developing bike lanes, ofcourse, on 12th street it would really be great if all the bikers I see, all the families trying to ride to the movies and such, could do so safely, as biking is a part of a green community...and Ardmore has every ability to earn a green rating. Pack a trash bag and teach your kids about volunteering and being a steward of our land. There has been alot more trash on the roads and sidewalks lately. Quality of life is creating a community that has a conscience, because with this comes better decisions, more open minds, and a healthier society.

This weekend, grab a backpack, head out to the lake, and hike around. Our lake, although water levels are lower now than they have been in many many years, is still a vital and multi faceted place for many free activities. Hiking, trail riding, bird watching, rec vehicle trails, rocks to climb, towers to see, maybe even just sitting on the dock staring out, day dreaming.

Point is, quality of life isn't something found on a shelf or aisle, it isn't a destination point at some age known as retirement, or even a concept that the real estate crash assasinated. It is, however, a living breathing element we can cultivate. An experience we honestly need more of in our lives.

Give yourself a chance to create a better quality of life....in your hometown.