Yes, you read it here first. There are at least five businesses, that I am aware of, that have been charging the incorrect amount of sales tax ever since April 1, 2013 when it went from eight and one-half  percent to nine percent. This is just five that I happened to check at random, so I am sure there are quite a few others. I won’t go into all of the details as to why the businesses are confused. I will let the Ardmoreite do that. I hope they deem this newsworthy as business owners are having to make up that one-quarter to one-half percent out of their own pocket.

I discovered this quite by accident by checking my receipts. I noticed different amounts from different stores. So I called my OLD friend Jeff Paine from Paines’s Business Machines in Pauls Valley because I knew he would have had to program cash registers when the tax changed. He told me the tax was nine percent, at least that’s what the customers in Ardmore had told him. Seeing as how Jeff is getting very aged (let’s just be nice and say he is over 30), I thought he might not remember very well, so I called a couple of friend’s businesses  in Ardmore and they told me it was eight and three-quarters percent. So me, being the hard-headed person that I am called Ken Campbell City of Ardmore Finance Director  and he said it was nine percent. Since that time I found one restaurant charged eight and a half percent and another charged eight and three quarters. One business owner even told me his accountant told him eight and three quarters and another owner said their computer person was supposed to take care of it. There is at least one fast food chain that was charging eight and one half percent. They have since changed.

I know this only comes out to nine cents on thirty five dollars but at the end of the month it can add up to a significant amount especially when it’s right off the bottom line.

You may be wondering as you read this who checks their receipts that closely? Well let’s just say that I have been known to be a penny pincher, literally. I just can’t figure out why my wife is embarrassed when I stop at the toll booth to pick up the loose change that has fallen to the pavement.

Remember though, if you take a penny a day and double it every day for 30 days you have $5,368,709.12. Yes I know, you don’t believe it if you haven’t seen it before. Just do the math and you will see.