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The Parlotones...in our hometown
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By Kristi Cox
Sometimes, living in a hometown your whole life can become routine and boring. Luckily, my imagination can turn any street, block, or event into a journey into another world. So join me on an adventure in my hometown.
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The Parlotones and us, Khan Morbee (vocals/guitar), Neil Pauw (Drums), Kristi Crutchfield Cox, Jennifer Shirley, Glenn Hodgson (bass, piano, backing vocals), and Paul Hodgson (guitar)
Kristi Crutchfield Cox
The Parlotones and us, Khan Morbee (vocals/guitar), Neil Pauw (Drums), Kristi Crutchfield Cox, Jennifer Shirley, Glenn Hodgson (bass, piano, backing vocals), and Paul Hodgson (guitar)
By Kristi Cox
April 28, 2013 10:49 p.m.

The sun's final rays felt hot against my skin, a declaration that summer was certainly about to return, her fevered intensity fueled by an eve such as this. Arriving at the home of Sarah and Shane Ross, one had to giggle a bit with excitement at a private concert, in their backyard with a multiplatinum band. Drums and mikes claimed their place on trailer, set against a wooded background. Intermixed, children and families lingered on hand made quilts, savoring the brisket, shrimp and chocolate sugared brownies, stout lagers and chilled wine tantalized the senses. The stage was set for an evening of bliss.
Amidst the crowd, a few young men stood out. My first thought was The Ramones, my childhood fixation with the Sid and Nancy era of punk. But their music was different. As they took the stage, their presence seemed to beckon you to sit back, relax, and stare into the blue sky above, letting their voices tempt your memories. I was suprised by how mesmerizing their lyrics and sound were. Harmonized sounds seperated at points dancing beside one another then merging into one seamless single note. More than once, lead singer Kahn Morbee hushed the crowd as the music faded leaving his voice to linger upon the breeze, cradling a note closer to the sky in tone. Closing my eyes, his voice seemd to wind through the trees. And with his next exhale...a soft deep growl vibrated the air, his trademark sound. Watching the drummer, Neil Pauw, one would catch this small smile across his face, his eyes sometimes closing, lost in his rhythem. Other times he would watch his bandmates, again that smile emerging. Keyboardist, Glenn Hodgson, a blend of Rat Pack glamour and rock a billy tattooed art, seemed to move between eras, in one moment seeming old school and in the next, a glimpse of modern day. Paul Hodgson rocked the black rimmed glasses and low key play, his dark eyes and hair often a curtain you briefly were able to look behind.
New releases on their album "Stardust Galaxies" include "Should We Fight Back", "Brighter Side of Hell", and the much demanded "We Call this Dancing". Check these out at www.parlotones.net
And yeah, two of these men are brothers, you read that right. All childhood friends who formed this band back in Johanesburg, becoming one of the first bands to headline at the Dome in Johanesburg. Moving to Los Angeles, having a US tour and just stopping in at Ardmore, in your hometown.

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