DAVIS — Chickasaw Nation Department of Health diabetes patients can learn how to take better care of themselves and manage their condition by participating in a special camp June 3-7 at The Inn, located at Treasure Valley.

There won't be campfires, tents or insects. Instead the free event will feature medical specialists, eye care experts, dental hygienists and other health professionals. Training and education will cover a variety of topics including:

• Controlling blood sugar

• Proper eye care

• Wound care

• Topics of critical concern for those with diabetes

While officials said the camp is "primarily aimed at adults," it is open to youth age 12 and over. Campers may bring one guest. Campers and guests must present medical release forms from their doctors.

"I have never met anyone who didn't learn something about managing diabetes," said Shondra McCage, Chickasaw Nation Medical Center Diabetes Care Center Program Manager. "It is a fun and informative way to learn about the disease. Medical staff will be present to answer questions throughout the event."

Applications must be submitted by Friday. Applications are available at the diabetes care center and satellite clinics in Ardmore, Tishomingo, Durant and Purcell.

To ask questions call McCage at (580) 421-4572.