Larry Darter and Joe David McReynolds, candidates for the office of Carter County Com­missioner District 1, were in attendance at the weekly commission meeting Monday as the May 14 election draws closer.

The agenda was light as the commissioners discussed purchasing requests from the fire fighter sales tax fund.

A request was for warded through the fire tax board for the purchase of automated external defibrillators, a fire engine for Criner Hills and two sets of bunker gear and wildland gear for the Woodford Fire Department. Jerry Barton, speaking on behalf of the board, said not all the fire departments requested the defibrillators but a majority did and the remainder of the departments were added to the list.

As for the request of a fire engine, Barton said the Criner Hills Fire Department is adding a substation because of growth. The department wants to add a brush truck and tanker to fill out the substation.

Kevin Robinson, County Commissioner, said the tax was dedicated to fire suppression and fire equipment and the defibrillators were first response equipment in his opinion. The defibrillators as well as the fire engine request were denied. Robinson said each of the fire departments, except for Ardmore, had received a fire engine from the tax. Ardmore received a ladder truck. Other requests for additional fire engines by departments have been denied.

"We have not given additional fire engines because they already have some," Robinson said.

The commissioners also declared a chainsaw, pruner, computer and fourteen radios surplus.