A bill aimed at promoting marriage and fighting poverty is now on its way to the desk of Gov. Mary Fallin after the acceptance of amendments from the state Senate.

House Bill 1908 calls for a statewide public service campaign promoting marriage as a tool to fight poverty and decrease the likelihood of child poverty.

“Our society has lost focus on the importance of keeping families together,” said House Speaker T.W. Shannon, author of House Bill 1908. “Countless studies have shown a stable, two-parent household is important for the growth and stability of children. And the economic results are striking – child poverty rates shoot through the roof when marriages end. I believe this measure will work toward turning that tide and laying the groundwork for a more positive environment for families in Oklahoma while providing stability children need to grow into successful adults.”

According to the Heritage Foundation, marriage reduces the chances of child poverty by 80 percent. This is an important statistic, as the country has spent over $16 trillion in taxpayers’ money on poverty-related programs since the 1960s’ “War on Poverty” started. Today, 80 different welfare programs spend almost $1 trillion annually on poverty-related issues.

This bill will now go to the desk of Gov. Fallin to be signed into law.