OKLAHOMA CITY, — Monday the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board launched "Lucky," a campaign targeted at middle and high school students to teach them the potentially fatal consequences of playing on or hanging around well sites. The campaign is being launched to coincide with the start of summer break, a time when students spend much more time outside.

"This new campaign is one way we can be proactive in keeping students safe this summer," said Mindy Stitt, executive director of the OERB. "Rather than hope the students are smart enough to stay away from the well sites, we are showing them the specific dangers and just how serious it can be to play around or tamper with one."

The OERB spent approximately $600,000 during the 2012-13 school year to share its safety messages, which are aimed at K-12 students. More than 3,000 younger students from across the state recently competed in the OERB's annual art contest as part of the OERB's "Well Sites are DUH-DUH Dangerous" campaign, which is aimed at K-6th graders.

The Lucky campaign will run for 14 weeks, and includes print, radio and television ads. The campaign uses high-energy visuals and quick facts to show students the dangers of various parts of a well site. The supporting website, www.oerb.com/lucky, also includes videos, activities and resources for teachers.