Someone posted a picture late Sunday night on one of the many selling sites on Facebook and wanted to know what kind of snake they had captured in their mother’s laundry room. I don’t know whether people in this area are just bored or whether a snake is just very exciting news, but within thirty minutes there were over one hundred comments and  well over two hundred by the time I got up on Monday morning.

Now everyone is an expert, you know, or knows somebody that is. By Monday morning the snake had been positively identified by self-proclaimed experts as the following: Copperhead -10, Python-9, Rat Snake 9, Corn Snake-6, Chicken Snake-3, King Snake-2, Boa Constrictor-1 and 1 for either King Cobra or Black Mamba. Everyone had their opinions as to how to property identify a poisonous snake:  by the shape of its head, tail, or eyes. One person said Rat, Bull or Chicken Snakes are the same thing. Some people used the old saying “The only good snake is a dead snake”. Then other people chimed in that it’s against the law to kill a Copperhead as it’s a protected species. One enterprising young lady said since all the people were on the site, she would like to mention that she was looking for a used bike for her daughter.  There was even one person that suggested that rat snake numbers are dwindling in the wild due to being the natural prey of the Sasquatch. Bubba and Billy Bob debunked that rumor. As it turns out, the preferred diet of the Sasquatch turns out to be my wife’s leftovers. At least, that is the assumption, because you know I would never do that. Someone said it looked like a person’s image on the back of the head of the snake. I suggested it was Jesus and that he should try to sell it on Ebay (I was really just kidding. It looked like Ayatollah Khomeini, to me).  I then was honest and suggested that I thought it was a Jesus snake as it had turned itself into four or five different species in under two hours.

Anyway, it seems the dilemma was finally solved after a couple of people suggested that the new owner should let the snake bite him and see if he got sick or died. If so, he would know that it was a Copperhead and if not, it was non-venomous. He quickly decided to turn the snake loose.