Lincoln fifth-graders once again built bridges eventually meant to fall last week the Third Annual Michelin Bridges to Education Challenge.

Students spent Monday through Wednesday building bridges with the help of Michelin volunteers.

Bridges were made of popsiscle sticks and glue. They measured two Matchbox cars in width and 12 inches long.

On Thursday, volunteers used a weight machine to test the bridges durability. A panel of three judges quizzed the students about their bridge designs.

The event is designed to introduce the fifth-graders to opportunities in engineering.

"It was fun thinking of ways to build it and doing the engineering," Amaya Gordon said. "At first, I hadn't thought about being an engineer, but now I might."

The event also provided an opportunity for students to learn first-hand about teamwork, as they worked in groups of four to five.

"We have to listen to each other and ask people for stuff," Rayven Sheehy said.

The winning bridge, built by the Warriors, was carefully planned by the team members who spent the entire first day figuring out what to do.

The bridge featured layers of sticks glued together like a sandwich and different layers facing different directions. The center of the bridge had two extra layers for added support.

"There's strength in it being like a sandwich, better vertical than horizontal," Gordon said. "The extra sticks in the middle were so it doesn't cave in."

However, when it came time to test the bridge, the weight came down slightly off the reinforced center, with the bridge breaking at 714 lbs.

"The weight found a weak spot. It probably could have held more," William Powers said.

The Team Initiative Award went to the Ballistic Bulldogs.

"We used a bunch of creativity and colored our bridge with our names," Kileigh McElhiney said. "It was hard to build, but I enjoyed getting messy with the glue."

Students on the winning teams received summer passes to the Ardmore Waterpark.

"It's good because if we get hot, we can go and get cooled off," Jaylyn Crittendon said.