Officials at the Carter County and Love County Election Boards said Monday absentee ballots and early voter turnout leading up to today's elections were low.

In Carter County, Ardmore voters are asked to decide the future of Ardmore City Schools. A $31 million bond proposal is on the ballot. Passage would give school board members and administrators the ways and means to:

n Construct a new Lincoln Elementary School building

n Remodel and provide an addition at Jefferson Elementary school.

n Remodel Will Rogers Elementary School and construct a classroom/gymatorium

n Construct a gymatorium at Charles Evans Elementary and improve site drainage

n Provide a new roof at Ardmore Middle School

n Resurface Noble Stadium at Ardmore High School as well as make stadium and fieldhouse repairs

Passage of the bond requires "super majority" (60 percent) approval.

Voters in Carter County District 1 are electing a new commissioner. Joe David McReynolds, who won the Democratic primary, faces Republican Larry Darter for the District 1 top spot.

About 4:30 p.m. Monday a spokesperson for the Carter County Election Board said less than 20 people had cast absentee ballots. The number of early voters?

"A rough estimate is 115," she said.

While the numbers were slim, the absentee and early voter turnout was not unexpected.

"Unless it's a presidential election, we just don't seem to get the turn out we used to," the election official said.

In Love County, Thackerville residents are being asked to decide a school board proposed $4.075 million bond. The funds would be used to construct a new elementary school. In order to pass 60 percent or a "super majority" of those casting ballots must approve the measure.

But like Carter County, Cleta Willis, Love County Election Board Secretary, said absentee and early voter turn out was "very, very light." Were the low numbers a surprise?

"No, not really a surprise. We did not anticipate a really big turn out, but we did expect more than what it has been," Willis said late Monday afternoon.

Polls will be open today from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.