MANNSVILLE – As classes wind down at Mannsville School, students are spreading some of their summertime cheer to the community with a project called Tiger Helping Hands.

“We always ask the community for things, but we have to give back too,” said teacher Nellie Garone. “A life of service ought to be what we’re aiming for anyway.”

Fifth and sixth-grade students made banners for area places, with messages of ‘Happy Summer’ and ‘Get Well Soon.’

“Whenever people see our banner, it will make them smile,” said fifth-grader Zachary Beckham.

Destinations for the banners include Elmbrook Nursing Home, the Ardmore Veterans Center, Mercy Hospital Ardmore and Brookside Nursing Home. A group also made 20 cards for Elmbrook Nursing Home.

“People in the nursing home don’t get out much and don’t get much, so it’s good to send them something,” said sixth-grader Gus Peoples.

Students worked in groups of three, which also allowed them the opportunity to practice teamwork.

“It’s fun working with people on the banners,” said sixth-grader Bradley Phillips. “I would make mistakes, and we would work on them together.”